Mar. 25th, 2007

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The plan is that Sue Storm makes the large group of heroes invisible, and they walk through the gate behind Kitty's shuttle, take out the guards, and send all the prisoners (no matter their affiliation) back through the gate. Then, they blow the prison, jump through the gate, and blow both gates at the same time.

That's the plan he is told. That's the plan for anyone that might be a spy for the other side. Which, he understands. He worked for the other side. It's good strategy. But it makes him wonder what the real plan is, and what it means for Kitty.

They line up in a loose formation. He is behind Captain America, Luke Cage at his shoulder, and Spiderman at his back. Peter smacks his shoulder than shakes his hand.

Luke laughs. "S'what you get for smacking a tin man!"

Piotr doesn't know what to say any more. He's tired, he is going against his family, and this is when Kitty would make a joke and he could toss her in the air, and that's how they would break all the tension. He isn't very good at this any more. He feels old.

He watches Kitty get into the transporter with three others. (1 out of every 4 go insane when they first enter the Negative Zone.)

He takes a step forward.

Captain America knocks their shoulders together. "Steady, son," he tells him.

He takes a breath.

He can do this. He can do this. He is going to repeat himself until he believes it.

He should be paying attention as Iron Man and Captain America toss back and forth how much they have outsmarted each other. He really should.

He doesn't care any more. He shoulders his way past several heroes, but the fighting breaks out before he can get to the corridor the leads into the main prison. He punches Venom across the jaw and sends him flying.

This, he can do this part.

He can see her, in the crowd. She has a blonde in a tiny costume (he has no idea any more, there are all these new, younger ones) in a headlock, punching, breaking their jaw in four places.

He keeps trying to make her way toward her, but people they know and care about keep jumping in his way or calling for help and.

That's it. He charges, barreling over he doesn't know how many people.


Then Cloak opens his arms and they are all some where else.

"Flyers, grab a friend! NOW!"

The group of them are free falling over New York City, now. And he was so close to Kitty, almost there. She is just beyond his reach, and no one is grabbing her, and she can't phase still. She is still has that collar.


He uses someone in red as a spring board and leaps. Grabs.

"Got you! We're leaving!"

And they crash into the ground.

She keeps wiggling.

She is bleeding.

He is afraid to take the collar off. She might fade out of his grasp and through the ground, back to the battle.

"I am taking you back. To Simon. We are going to Simon."

"Katya, you are going to be fine. You will be all right."

If he repeats that, it will be true.


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