Oct. 29th, 2008

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When Piotr came in earlier, it was the end of a long day at the Mansion: training with the students, and then training with the team, and then all the little chores and negotiations that make up a day at a school-cum-superhero base. A quiet day, at least, however long.

Piotr has an idea for a painting in his head, but he's almost out of a few key colors. He'll have to buy more, but in the meantime he knows he has some more in his studio-room at Milliways. Might as well check in with people there, and start the painting where he has the right supplies.

He's surprised, and amused, to find himself abruptly in a costume he hasn't worn in years. It makes more sense when he notices the date, and everybody else in costume -- though that's surprising, too. He knows time passes faster at Milliways, but October? Really? When he doesn't see (or at least doesn't recognize) anybody he knows, though, he opts to head for the room anyway. (His clothing reverts when he makes it upstairs.) He'll come back down in a little while, when he's done as much as he can for the time being.

A little while turns into a long while, though, and by the time he's done (and thoroughly paint-speckled), he ends up flopping on the bed for a minute. Just to think about what else the painting needs, and figure out if it's anything he can do now or if he should let it dry for a while first.

Slowly, his eyes close.


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